New Stamford Showroom


Stuart Hough and Tony Abrahim have both been in the home furnishing business for over thirty years. Hough’s background mostly in European Antiques, and Abrahim’s has followed the Silk Road to find rugs, textiles and furniture from around the world. Together, the result is colorful, unique, and beautiful.

The new TW HOME showroom is showcasing the combination of Tony Wais’¬†signature designs with Hough’s taste in quality antiques and furniture. In this showroom you will find cabinets made out of reclaimed wood with an old paint finishes, neoclassical and midcentury modern framed chairs- covered in leather, wool, linen, and vintage kantha fabrics. There is also a wide selection of natural materials such as petrified wood coffee tables and live-edge dining tables. The combination of textures, colors, cultures and styles make this showroom one that you will never forget!


by Stuart Hough

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