TW Home and the collections of Tony Wais Design are the creation of Tony Abrahim, a worldwide peripatetic pilgrim as well as a designer and trader for more than two decades. This modern day Marco Polo’s passport has so many added pages it looks like a used paperback novel. Driven by his love for color, life, and far away countries, he has combined his love of the East with Western Designs to create a unique fashion lifestyle brand: The TONY WAIS Design Collections.

Abrahim, is a native of Central Asia, an area that has historically been closely tied to its nomadic peoples and the Silk Road. As a result, it has acted as a crossroads for the movement of people, goods, and ideas between Europe, and West, South, and East Asia. As a teenager, he moved to the USA. There, the adventure began. Taking his inspiration from his Silk Road origins, Tony reinterpreted traditional handcraft with ‘avant-garde’ modern design, his unique eye creating new designs that are both challenging and comforting. Tony is about color, both vibrant and subtle, and the feelings evoked from discovering beautiful places and materials.


TW Home and TONY WAIS DESIGN live at the crossroads of ancient cultures and contemporary fashions, expressing the team’s creativity and talent, with a liberal use of colors, hand dyes, and diverse materials discovered all around the world. Every fabric, every pattern, and every design detail is studied from a highly personal perspective to obtain a home furnishings synergy that compliments both contemporary and classic living.

Abrahim has teamed up with Stuart Hough, a US and Parisian antique dealer for thirty years, to create four collections under the TW Home umbrella. These collections will be stocked and distributed in the US through their Stamford, Connecticut warehouse/showrooms. The first is the Tony Wais Collection, featuring furniture, rugs, fabrics, and accessories from all over Asia, incorporating Abrahim’s unique penchant for bold, bright colors. The second collection is the Peking Duck Trading Company, which imports antique and vintage furnishings and accessories from all over the world. The third collection is the J. Stuart Collection, incorporating custom designed leather upholstery and faithful re-creations of country antiques made from reclaimed timber, in both natural woods and painted finishes. Their latest is The Flower Tea Collection, based on the indigo hand woven fabrics from the Minority tribes of Southwest China. Together the four collections make TW HOME a valuable resource to the retail home furnishings and design trade.